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This "blog" is written every month for the local parish magazine so that the community get an insight into farming!  We have added it to the website to give everyone a taste of farming life!

Halter Training Day 3 - Progress for Moralee 1 Vermouth!

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January 2022/February 2022 - "Health & Happiness"

The winter has been fairly kind so far and there haven’t been to many weather related problems to deal with both outside and in the shed. So as long as their bellies are full the cattle are happy.

This month is all about cattle health - we have a whole herd TB Testing (4 yearly test), annual Johnes Testing and annual vaccines to do. If any of you follow This Farming Life on TV then you will understand the significance of TB Testing and how heartbreaking a positive result can be with animals needing to be destroyed and movement of animals on and off farm at a standstill.  We are considered to be in a low risk area but its always a nervous few days from test day 1 to reading day 4 but cross fingers for a clean result. The Johnes Test and vaccinations are in place to maintain herd health. Good results will give us accreditation for this year to show the herd passed, which in turn will show potential customers that we take health seriously.

Di is busy halter breaking the 10 month old heifers and bulls. There’s a lot of hard work and patience from the moment of putting the halter over their head to getting them to walk on the halter. There are always some that want to be awkward and others that take to it like a duck to water! But whether they are destined for the show ring, sale ring or to be retained in the herd for breeding then it’s our policy to train them!

So to update from last months report, as I write this we still haven’t had any embryo calves born yet. But any day now…!

So hopefully when we report next month we can tell you about new life and a clean bill of health! Also February is awards season in farming not just in Hollywood and we may have some good news to report!

Our Blog

This "blog" is written every month for the local parish magazine so that the community get an insight into farming!  We have added it to the website to give everyone a taste of farming life!

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 2021/January 2022 - "Winter"

After the success of the winter shows the show kit is packed away for now until the spring.  Winter has certainly arrived which brings us all sorts of challenges on the farm. Rain, shine, wind or snow we have 120 hungry mouths to feed every day!

Two thirds of the herd are inside in the sheds, eating the silage that we collected during the summer. They regularly require mucking out and refreshing the straw beds they lie in. Our sheds have plenty of air which hopefully keeps them healthy as there is a risk of pneumonia amongst the young stock. Knowing the cattle is important so that any health issues can be spotted early and treated if necessary. We aren’t just farmers we have to be their carers , doctors and nurses!

Many of the locals that walk dogs on Eltringham Farm will know that some of our herd are wintered outside. Herefords are very hardy and our farm provides plenty of shelter from the weather, and we make sure they are provided with silage in their feeders. We’ve also planted some fields of a crop called hybrid rape which will keep their bellies full over the winter. The fields do get a bit muddy and plunged but it’s surprising how they recover in the spring.

So it’s mainly a similar daily routine of feeding etc during the shorter January days, but there can be various unexpected challenges thrown at us like snow, frozen water troughs, damage to sheds or fences by the weather (resulting in escaped cattle) but that’s what farming life is!

We do have something to look forward to this month though! It’s mind blowing for many but we have an extensive IVF embryo program! We have 8 recipient (surrogate) cows due to give birth that are carrying embryos created as a result of IVF from our best bloodlines. All being well we will end up with some healthy calves being born this month!

Happy New Year everyone! Keep safe and warm, and don’t forget we still sell our own Hereford beef which is perfect for those winter warming stews!